About Us

Having my own store in my hometown has been a dream of mine for so long, so one day I JUMPED and thankfully you all caught me! My goal will always be to bring a fun experience to my shop while giving back to the community every chance I get! 

I am a mom of 2, Genevieve & Odin, and a wife to my husband, Collin! My family is a huge part of the success of my store so if you follow us on social media you will find out a lot about them as well! 

I was born and raised in El Dorado and love raising my kids here while being a part of the downtown community. I think we all strive when we put community over competition!

In The Rose Buffalo Boutique you will find a mix of trendy & western clothing, with a huge mix of local artisan items!

Your support means the WORLD to my family! I hope you enjoy your experience when you visit us online or in person! We are thankful for every single person who supports our small business!